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Do you hate driving with the sun in your eyes?
Aren’t you sick and tired of all those occasions when not even your sunglasses are enough to prevent the glare from effectively blinding you?
If that’s the case, you are not alone. Driving with the sun’s glare limiting your vision is not only annoying –
it’s dangerous!
Finally, a Reliable and Safe Anti-Glare Car Visor is here!
No more blurry images! No more eye discomfort! No more squinting on the road!
Car Owners Wait No More!


Our Car Sun Visor Extension uses polarizing technology to adjust light waves, reducing harmful sun glare. This helps to filter out harmful reflected light. With a Transmission Rate of 10%, it is the perfect solution to bright sunrises & sunsets.

When you are using a anti-glare car visor, the reflective glare (horizontal light waves) is filtered out when hitting the lens and vertical light waves are allowed to pass through. The end result is a drastic reduction is glare—and much better sight of vision for you.

Anti Glare Visor made from the highest quality polarized film, this Windshield Sun Visor blocks up to harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Having a width of 11.65 inches & a height of 3.74 inches it is perfectly sized to block the sun glare from every angle.

Our visors are constructed to last for years. All visors are hand crafted and are impact-resistance, temperature resistance and scratch-resistance, giving maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage.

It is easy to be installed. Simply clip extended sun visor on to built-in car visor, attach Velcro straps and you are ready to eliminate glare for good. The entire installation can be done in seconds.

If you love easy driving, then this car sun shield is the way to go!

No matter the season, time or car type, a Car Visor Extender like this is always necessary.

Eliminate Glare Today!


Transparent design to ensure a crystal clear view.
Gives you eye protection from harsh glare and bright light.
Super-easy to install – slips over existing car visor.
Fits most types of vehicles.


Size: approximately 29.6cm*9.5cm/11.65 inches*3.74 inches


1*anti-glare car visor

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